Thursday, October 30, 2014

Perfect Your Swing Anywhere with Golf Nets

Tiger Woods did not become Tiger Woods by sitting on the couch during off season. The thing that sets great golfers apart is the insane amount of practice and time they dedicate to the sport no matter where they are, no matter the weather.
While not everyone has access to a golf course, and not all days come with the best weather to play under, there’s always a way for those who want to perfect their swings and tempo. Golf nets make it possible for you to practice hitting golf balls whenever you have free hours, and the convenience and portability of this accessory enable players to train indoors or outdoors.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Benefits of Playing Golf

Football may be the biggest sport in the country, but not everyone wants to participate in a contact sport. If you want a more serene activity that will still challenge your skills, golf may just be the pastime you’re looking for. In fact, up to 29 million Americans swing golf clubs each year in the hopes of scoring a hole-in-one. As it happens, this sports also offers many benefits, such as:
Promotes Better Balance
In golf, form is everything—from the moment you prepare your swing all the way to your follow through. With enough practice, it’s not only your game that will improve but your balance and posture, too.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Speed and Altitude Make a Birdie

The primary objective of golf is to score holes with as few swings as possible. That's why a hole-in-one, from tee to cup in one stroke, is often a cause for a golfer to jump in joy.

To achieve this feat, you need two things: speed and altitude, both of which can be achieved by a good swing. The casual golfer can send a ball flying for more than 200 yards with a swing speed of 90 mph. However, hitting fast isn't enough; your hit must also make the ball claw for altitude so that it lands closer to the hole.

Contrary to popular belief, a launch angle of 45 degrees won't make the farthest distance if you take air friction into account, Forbes contributor Steven Salzburg writes. He says a launch angle of 35 degrees can take the ball much farther. However, at a menial 112 yards, that would barely win any pro tournaments.

By applying a backspin, i.e. the backward rotation that helps golf balls grind to a halt after landing on the green, a golfer can send a ball almost twice as far at just half the angle. To nail this shot, you need good form, which is something you can develop through constant practice in front of a golf practice net.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bringing the Golf Course to Your Backyard

Americans have loved golf for well over three centuries. Today, it is a multibillion dollar industry that enthuses over 25 million players within the U.S. alone. Every golfer knows the physical and mental demands of the game are certainly no child’s play, and are passionate about it. Indeed, fans of the sport have taken it from golf courses right into their own backyards.

Practicing golf at home is an effective way to prepare for local and national tournaments. If you are an avid player who aspires to be a professional golfer soon, you might want to consider installing a putting green on your property, whether indoors or outdoors. While indoor putting greens are fun to play on, a wider outdoor turf often provides a better practice area.

With a backyard putting green, you are free to swing about just like in an actual golf course. You can also enhance your balance, tempo, and tension awareness—the three most important golfing skills—with greater speed. A backyard also simulates the experience of an actual golf course, albeit in a more compact setting.

Of course, no amount of practice may prove satisfactory if the putting green is defective. As you already know, golf courses need to be well-maintained since any damage on the green can affect the outcome of the game. Therefore, when buying and installing putting green in your backyard, choose a product of the best quality.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Practice Makes Perfect Golfing

Golf is a sport that takes a lot of concentration and skills. It seems easy when you look at it, but golfers actually dedicate time and effort in practicing their swing, especially because the sport requires timing, rhythm, and balance. So if you are an up and coming golfer, you might as well invest in quality equipment, such as clubs, balls, and golf nets, because you’ll be practicing a lot.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Practice Your Short Game at Home

It’s every golf lover’s dream, to be given a chance to join some of the world’s most prestigious golf tours. For the lot of us, however, a mastery at golf fit to stand toe-to-toe against players like Bubba Watson, Phil Mickelson, and Tiger Woods is plain and simply still out of reach.
The average handicap for American men is 15, and if that’s where you sit, then you know you’ve still got a long way to go to even be invited to play at a major. If you’ve got dreams of Augusta, however, then there’s only one path you can take, and that’s to practice hard and practice often. With soaring club membership prices, though, getting enough practice can be a struggle.